Boilers - Electric

A Better Heating Value – An Argo “AT” Series Electric Boiler can provide your family with all the benefits of steady, even radiant heat without all of the costs associated with propane or oil-fired hot water boilers.

AT Series C Electric Boiler

• 2 Element (From 6 kW to 12 kW)
• 4 Element (From 12 kW to 24kW)
• Modular Boiler Configurations (40 kW+)

Hydro Air Zone Controls

ARGO Hydro-Air Controls provide the easiest way to interface between the thermostat and air handler. These dependable control relays will control from 1 to 20 zones of heating/cooling and provide priority switching for domestic hot water. Boiler and A/C condenser wiring is virtually fool proof.

Outdoor Setback

Increases hot water boiler efficiency, lowers heating bills, increases comfort.

Zone Valve Controls

More flexible and convenient than ever before!

Modular Boiler Controls

Fuel savings combined with consistent comfort!